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Principals. As in, the kind that run companies.

Dark Horse is an intentionally flat organization that provides the opportunity for each of its’ CPAs to become a Principal of the firm.

Conspiracy Theory?

As a Principal, you’ll have an actual equity stake in the firm AND your book of business. You run your own book of business and retain the majority of the profit. What you don’t have is the headaches, risks and uncertainty of trying to open your own shop.

Unlike Flat Earth, this is no conspiracy.

Branded. Marketed.

You’ll enjoy the benefits of a proven sales funnel and an elevated brand to grow your book of business. Networking, marketing and branding is hard, especially when you’re neck deep in client service. These topics were NOT covered on the CPA exam.

What if clients just came to you? At Dark Horse, they do.


We utilize an ever-evolving enterprise-level tech stack so that we can spend more time interfacing with clients and less time doing the mundane accounting tasks of yesteryear. While technology will continue to displace accounting jobs, we are putting our CPAs ahead of the curve, so that you will not only remain relevant in the marketplace, but indispensable.

People (not the magazine)

Because not everything can be automated, you’ll benefit from access to fractional personnel both onshore and off. If the fraction becomes a whole number, you can hire fulltime team members underneath you to provide dedicated support.

Collaboration Nation

Because we don’t individually know everything about accounting & tax, we share our collective experiences and expertise with the team. This leads to revenue-generating opportunities to those with the knowledge and ensures that those without the knowledge can rest assured knowing they will be able to provide the highest level of service to their clients.

The New Office

Because experiences are the new wealth, we work from wherever we can find Wi-Fi. We are distributed but connected, both to our Dark Horse family and to our clients. Office hours are what works for our us, our families, and our clients.
Goodbye, desk, we have removed the chains and shackles that have bound us to you for far too long.

Bills to Pay, Mouths to Feed


Because cash is king, we have a program for qualified professionals to get paid before their book is built and one to smooth out cash flow for those whose collections are too distant to meet current obligations.

Join the Movement

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