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01The conflict

The accounting industry is being disrupted, reimagined and reconstructed. Accountants know it, clients soon will.

What hasn’t been disrupted is the century-old accounting firm partnership model. You know the model, a few head honchos at the top call the shots and hold the staff hostage during tax season.

We felt that it was high time for the power to be given back to the people so we created a business model to crush the conventional power structures that profit from the blood, sweat and tears of those who actually do the work.

Take The Power Back.
Then what?

If you’ve opened up your own shop, there’s a good chance that you’ve built a practice that runs you instead of the other way around.

150% utilization can’t last forever so what is your next move?

Dark Horse CPAs are a horse of a different color

We are the antidote to accounting as usual. We empower CPAs with the resources that allow them to build their practice and enhance their lives.

We are the firm that flies under the radar that other firms don’t notice until they realize that we changed the industry and turned their business model upside down.

We are the Dark Horse that no one saw coming and we intend to win the race.

We outshine the competition, by design

We have built a flat organization that utilizes on-demand resources so that CPAs can be front and center with clients, providing unparalleled strategic insights.

We will achieve our mission to unchain accountants from indentured servitude to the extent that we can guide our clients to the promised land. This is the primary focus of our work.


A story is nothing without dynamic characters. Similarly, a company is nothing without dynamic people.

Our people are exactly that, people.

We hire integrity, emotional intelligence, personality and technical capabilities…in that order.

Nobody wants to work with a condescending, know-it-all accountant, not the least of which are our clients.

We create space for connection

While this is often in virtual settings, we are intentional about connection. We are a safe space for difficult personal and professional issues.

Why? Because accountants are not emotionless, human calculators. We might be introverts by nature, but we desire connection and community.

We create space for collaboration

Because we build our teams with great people, collaboration is easy.

We’re all in this together and the more we share expertise and experience with each other, the more we all grow.

We are NOT the hero

Dark Horse CPAs are the guide to the hero. The hero is the client.

We are all about guiding clients to discover their inner-hero…the one that confidently makes numbers-based business decisions and executes strategic tax maneuvers.


We work in the cloud and live wherever in the world we choose

We are a distributed workforce, and our office is where we choose, when we choose it. That might mean it’s in the lodge in the mountains during the winter and in a beach cottage during the summer.

The setting of our story is best defined as Earth (although you’re free to work from the Moon if you can get WiFi)

04The plot & Resolution

Every Dark Horse CPA embarks upon a unique journey of self-discovery.

DH Hand Written Message

Make Accounting Great Again

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