Angelica Buenavidez

Staff Accountant

Stop chasing the money and start chasing the passion - Tony Hsieh

Angelica has always had a proclivity for numbers – from being awarded as, “Best in Math” in her grade school graduation to being, “Best in Statistics” during her junior year of high school. a class that was both loathed and feared by her fellow classmates. Angelica has always been a critical thinker with the innate ability to distill the complex into something others can understand. During her college years, she was branded as the, “Tax Master” – helping her classmates understand the subject in the most straightforward manner, complete with pointers to make it easier to remember the concepts. She has always been ahead of the game when it comes to the subject.

She started her career in one of the Big 4 international accounting firms. She is a Certified Public Accountant and has loved working as a Senior Tax Accountant for two years.

Angelica is a risk-taker. She is always eager to learn something that will add to her skill set. This propensity for risk, learning and growth landed her at Dark Horse. Sure, there is a major time difference, new clients to meet, new tax codes to learn but she knows whatever challenge might be thrown at her, she’ll be able to handle it and will grow as a result.

Work isn’t, however, all her life is about. Angelica knows how (and loves) to have fun. She has a thirst for going out into the world, meeting people, and enjoying life. She loves sitting by the beach and relaxing during the day but by night you may find her dancing and letting loose in the local nightlife scene. When life gets difficult, she can always sing her way to calmness and serenity and lift the spirits of those around her in the process.