Becky McCarty

Senior Tax Accountant

Live, travel, adventure, bless, and don't be sorry. - Jack Kerouac

Imbued with the travel bug, Becky’s “Yooper” heart has always been in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Born and raised in the U.P. (Upper Peninsula, also where the term “Yooper” comes from), she earned her accounting degree from Northern Michigan University. She knew she needed to obtain 150 credit hours to eventually get her CPA license but the travel bug bit her hard so she decided to pick up and move out West. She lived in Las Vegas, Elko (Nevada), and Salt Lake City for a few years where she got married and started her family, while working non-accounting jobs. And, this wasn’t the first time she had packed her bags for an adventure. During college, she decided to move to Yellowstone for work a summer job. As luck would have it, she met her future husband, Nick, while there.

After returning to the U.P., she decided she’d give accounting another try by working at a local CPA firm. This time, she discovered a love for the profession that escaped her during college. What’s more is that she was also very good at it, as she completed her CPA examinations in under 2 years while working and being a mom. Speaking of the latter, she has 3 kids, Henry (8), Jack (7) and Maggie (3). Maggie was born just after she passed the CPA exams… if that gives you any idea of her grit and determination, which makes her the perfect Dark Horse.

Outside of accounting, Becky enjoys hiking, perfecting her sewing skills, and roller skating. And, we’re not talking casual roller skating here, but rather roller derby. A broken ankle and COVID has put the derby on the backburner for now, but she intends to get back out there in the near future. She also (as you might expect) enjoys spending time with family, whether playing late night board games, grabbing a beer at a local brewery or hosting a bustling household with her siblings, nephews, nieces, kids, etc. Welcome, Becky!