Chris Chapman


Great things never came from comfort zones - Anonymous
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Chris is the kind of guy that can figure out how to create a welding tool from a car antenna, jumper cables and a battery. You might call him McGuyver, or a “self-starter” at the least. In all seriousness, he’s actually pretty handy…in the one-month he had in between his previous job and starting at Dark Horse, he converted his woodworking shed into a home office. So, you might also call him, “Ron Swanson.”

Chris grew up just outside of San Antonio and is a graduate of the University of Texas (we understand the risk of disclosing this given that he serves Aggie country in College Station, but it should be noted that he is married to an Aggie and, thus, can be trusted). Anyway, he started his career in the audit practice at Ernst & Young. Wanting to work in a more intimate environment with smaller clients, he began working at a local firm in San Antonio, where he met his wife, Lauren.  Wanting to take the next step in his career, he moved to College Station to help build his father-in-law’s accounting firm. And, wanting to take an even bigger step in his career, he took an opportunity to build a tax practice from scratch at a mid-sized firm that previously provided only accounting services, which he did with resounding success.  This is why we call him a, “Dark Horse CPA.”

Outside of accounting (and woodworking), Chris is a fan of just about all sports and plays golf and basketball on the regular. He loves spending time with his wife, twin daughters (Elizabeth and Caroline) and dog (Rylie), especially time they get to spend together at the family ranch enjoying nature and making memories.