Colleen Bingley

Senior Accountant

Life is interesting. Everybody’s different. - Dolores McGuire (Colleen's grandma)

Colleen Bingley and John Warner grew up together. More specifically, they are brother and sister. Not only did they grow up together, but they chose the same vocation, live in the same neighborhood and are now working at the same accounting firm together. More specifically, Colleen works closely with big brother, John, supporting their clients on all things accounting and tax.

She also owns her own bakery called Gingersnap. One might look at her picture to understand where the name came from, however, she is quick to point out that no gingersnaps have ever been baked or served. So rest assured, her bakery is not some sort of crematorium for the mob but rather a haven for croissants and macarons, which she learned to make on a “baking vacation” (this is a real thing, apparently) bed and breakfast in France. The fact that she is a small business owner lends itself to a deep understanding of the needs of her small business clients.

She earned her CPA license in 2017 and cut her teeth over in external audits over a 5-year period for a regional firm in St. Louis. Colleen is recently married, and is quick to point out the ceremony was Covid-conscious and involved just her immediate family. She and her husband, Jake, have a cat named Pumpkin and aspirations to adopt a dog from the Humane Society. When not baking, accounting or renovating their new home in John’s neighborhood, Colleen is likely to either be hiking, playing cards, sipping wine outside, traveling, or simply falling asleep to the movies her husband puts on.