Craig Trimble

Senior Manager

It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. - Marcus Aurelius
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Craig listens. By his own account, he spends most conversations listening twice as long as the time he speaks. To the unacquainted, they might confuse him for someone who is shy or introverted. To the acquainted, they know that he’s actively listening and taking note of the big things and the small things, the said and the unsaid. He honed in this skill working with small businesses as a freelance web developer in high school. He eventually shifted gears into accounting at the University of Central Florida, where he found his unique propensity towards listening was met by a desire from clients to be heard.

Craig has worked with (and listened to) small businesses and individuals for over a decade. What he heard were stories of clients who came to him because they couldn’t get ahold of their CPA and if they did, received advisory that was lacking in substance (and accuracy). Desiring to be part of a new wave of accountants that would overtake the swell of the “silver tsunami,” providing a much higher level of client service and pushing forward the profession into the 21st century, Craig found Dark Horse.

Outside of helping small business owners increase profitability and decrease taxes, Craig can be found, well, outside. Running, cycling, golfing, fishing, playing with his boys…just about any verb with an “ing” ending that happens outdoors. He and his wife, Emily, along with their 3 boys and a Golden Mountain Doodle, reside in Nocatee where he serves as the Treasurer of Pine Island Academy. About his recent move to Nocatee, Craig exclaimed, “it’s the best decision my wife and I have ever made!” Second, potentially, to his move to Dark Horse anyway.