Dave Dyer

Director of Marketing

Dave Dyer is not an accountant, and we like it that way. On the contrary, he is a renaissance man of all things marketing, branding, and social media. Basically, he is everything an accountant is not.

Dave graduated from Baylor University where it is rumored they have a football team. He moved to Las Vegas to become the Social Media Coordinator for the Wynn Resorts, and eventually their Digital Marketing Manager overseeing the marketing efforts of Wynn’s hotel, restaurants, show events, shops and nightlife. He later moved addresses on The Strip to take over the role of Digital Marketing Director at TAO Group, overseeing the marketing efforts of luxury restaurants and nightclubs. While working for these brands and the related high-profile celebrities and athletes was exhilarating, nothing quite compares to the thrill of working with accountants. He actually didn’t say this, but let’s just pretend he did.

Dave has spent the past decade learning the pillars of digital marketing, website management, SEO, influencer marketing, unique paid campaigns (on all social media platforms and search engines) and email marketing. Dark Horse benefits handsomely from his experience in the “scene” and other cool sh*t that us accountants know nothing about.

Dave spends the majority of this time in his hometown of Kansas City when not on business travel. In his spare time, he can be found on the tennis court showing off a mean backhand, traveling (for fun), going on brewery tours and rooting for the Kansas City Royals and Chiefs, sometimes all in the same day.