India Stuhmer-Birky

Director of Human Resources

Do you wanna go on a walk?! - Dog Dad

India Stuhmer-Birky is Dark Horse’s Director of Human Resources. Not being a human has made her an impartial and objective HR leader. She is highly skilled and world renown for her ability to resolve conflict among team members by simply putting her head on their lap. Like any gifted leader, she leads by example instead of words.

Asked what her favorite part of the job is, she stared blankly, yawned and then began to fall asleep. True to form, instead of telling you, she just shows you. Co-workers have also noted her passion for walking meetings, reception of clients (usually in the form of loud barking) and lunch breaks.

India graduated from doggy daycare at the age of 2. She can work a room like a champ and is especially adept at mirroring people’s emotional state. Dark Horse is proud to have such a good girl on staff.