Hao Dong

VP - Technology

Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler. - Albert Einstein

Hao Dong is not your average hire for an accounting firm. Dark Horse, however, is not an average accounting firm. Maybe this is what drew Hao to Dark Horse. Maybe it was a shared love of football with the founders that was the x-factor. Or, probably more likely, Hao saw Dark Horse’s vision and knew he could be an indispensable part of bringing that vision to its full potential.  Hao is not an accountant. He is a technologist. And, more specifically, our VP of Technology.

Hao brings over a decade of quantitative analysis spanning research institutes, the public sector and private industry (including working with Dark Horse’s Susan Snowden at his previous job). He is passionate about improving efficiency AND effectiveness through the application of technology and data analysis. Dark Horse CPAs and clients alike will rejoice as they will benefit greatly from his efforts. That is, if they’re anything like the accounting and finance professionals he’s worked with in the past to streamline information processing and provide data-driven recommendations.

When not improving systems, processes and technology to support Dark Horse CPAs and their clients, Hao can be found contemplating what’s for dinner with his wife, Di, and their daughter Ashley. Hao’s favorite dinner involves Texas brisket, with the sides one would expect with such a delicacy. Hao loves his Ohio State Buckeyes and food tourism, constantly on the lookout for good local (and hopefully spicy) food while on the road.