Huyen Puyleart

Tax & Accounting Manager

Huyen is a globetrotter. Her journey through the world is as uncommon and unique as Huyen herself. She was born and raised in Vietnam, where she completed her undergrad studies. She  then earned an MBA in International Business in Taiwan. Not quite done learning or traveling, she decided to move to the U.S. to get a degree in Accounting from Metropolitan State University in Minnesota. After graduating, she found herself working for a CPA firm in Michigan, where she earned her CPA license.

Huyen has integrated her interests in math, data analysis and business into her chosen profession. Her passion, however, is on the people side. She loves her relationships with existing clients as well as meeting new clients.

And, as you might glean from the above, her outside interests involve being outside (she loves nature) and getting outside her comfort zone. She loves to discover new places, new food and different cultures wherever she goes. She then brings these ideas back with her to the kitchen to surprise guests with new foods and flavors learned from her travels. This is also a passion of hers; hospitality and community with friends and family.

Huyen has made it clear that she’s got a long bucket list of places to eat and travel, and she intends to put checkmarks on this list soon!