Lea Pescadera

Administrative Assistant

Turn your dreams into your goals - Anonymous

Lea traded the runway for spreadsheets and tax returns. That may be an oversimplification, but she did have an extensive career in modeling and pageantry in San Fernando, a teeming metropolis in the Philippines where she grew up. She still loves to get all dressed up although her current occupation, admittedly, doesn’t provide for many of these opportunities. Rewinding back to her undergrad years, her studies nearly lead her into the field of physical therapy, until she learned that part of the curriculum involved studying the muscles of a corpse. The thought of slicing muscle on a corpse was decidedly too much of a departure from the runway, so she naturally settled on accounting.

Enter Dark Horse CPAs. One of the great things about working for an accounting firm with a distributed work force is that living in the Philippines is no different than living in California, since the water cooler conversation occurs virtually anyway. Lea loves being able to support the Accelerators and Principals of Dark Horse, and she’s damn good at it too.

Lea loves cooking. That is, when the cooking is being done by her husband whom she says is the head of the kitchen in the Pescadera household. She also loves dining out at any of the countless number of great restaurants in Angeles City, as well as exploring the city with her husband and two adorable kids. Or, occasionally without them for some “me” time.