Michael Connelly

Senior Manager

It’s not so much what we have in this life that matters. It’s what we do with what we have. - Fred Rogers

People generally understand that Rhode Island is the smallest state in the union. Many folks, however, would have a bit of difficulty pinpointing it on a map. Similarly, a Dark Horse doesn’t stand out from its surroundings immediately either. A closer look, however, might reveal clues that beneath the surface, a Dark Horse has what it takes to win. As you may have guessed, the Dark Horse in question is Michael Connelly from Rhode Island and the fire beneath the surface to disrupt public accounting and provide unparalleled value to his clients burns bright.

Mike earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting and MBA from Providence College, where he also met his bride-to-be their senior year.  Shortly into his career, he earned his CPA license from the state of Rhode Island. He comes to Dark Horse with a decade of experience in public accounting, working with small businesses (and their owners) spanning just about any industry you can think of. He’s passionate about helping these small businesses understand their tax and financial situations and use that understanding to make strategic moves that increase profitability and decrease taxes.

On the personal side of life, Mike enjoys spending time with family and friends, especially at the beach or on a trip to Disney World. He lives in a small coastal town in Massachusetts, in between Boston and Plymouth. He loves his Boston sports teams, skiing and training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (although we’d suspect that training doesn’t include family and friends, but who knows…). And, as any self-respecting Dark Horse CPA, Mike is well versed in The Office and Parks & Rec.