Natalie Cohen


I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things. - Mother Teresa

Natalie has a heart for service. While double-majoring in Accounting and International Business at Seattle Pacific University, she interned with a number of non-profits. While completing her studies, she realized this heart for service could be satisfied by utilizing her knowledge of accounting & tax to serve businesses of all kinds. She thus embarked on a career in public accounting with a large regional CPA firm, where she spent 9 years providing accounting and tax support to a wide range of individuals and entities.  Her desire to work more with “the little guys” as well as a desire to exercise more control over her work ultimately brought her to Dark Horse. Said Natalie, “I love working directly with business owners to help them manage their financials and make them actually useful, while incorporating tax saving opportunities,” which is great news because that’s what Dark Horse is all about.

Natalie grew up in Salem, Oregon which is where she met her high school sweetheart, Neil, whom she ultimately ended up marrying after her undergrad studies (as a matter of total happenstance, this very high school was where Dark Horse Co-Founder, Chase Birky, went as well. Somehow, some way, the former South Salem Saxons joined forces later in life). Her and Neil have two youngsters, Maddie (4) and Henry (1) along with a Catahoula named Charlie to round out their family.

When not helping small businesses and individuals win the day, Natalie enjoys the outdoors, whether camping, riding bikes with the kiddos, running with the dog, or eating donuts on the playground with the fam (don’t judge, have you even had Blue Star donuts!?). Like any self-respecting Oregonian, she also enjoys frequenting local craft breweries, wineries and coffee shops. And, when it’s “me time,” you can find her laying on a couch watching TV or movies, or reading a good book (she can provide recommendations upon request).