Rebecca Guerrero

Client Service Specialist

You will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated. - Maya Angelou

Few at an accounting firm would refer to themselves as extroverts, and maybe because she didn’t start in accounting that it seems plausible. Beyond just a love for socializing, Rebecca truly has a heart for others, especially when it comes to friends, family, and those with disabilities. In fact, she began her career as a social worker for a non-profit nursing home that served adults with intellectual disabilities. She later joined the Texas Health and Human Services Commission as their Medical Relations Liaison before finding her way to Dark Horse. Nervous? Yes. Excited? You better believe it. Supporting Dark Horse Principal, Jordan Keller, she will get to put those people skills and heart for others to work through her work as a Client Support Specialist.

Rebecca was born and raised in Corpus Christi. She graduated from Texas State University and left with a social work degree, and a husband. Her connection to her husband, Rod, was immediate as they discovered a shared love for 80’s music (especially Depeche Mode) and Texas Hold ‘Em (She is a Texan after all). Fittingly, they married in a city known for Texas Hold ‘Em…Las Vegas. But, the real jackpot for Rebecca are her two kids, Aiden (13) and Leela (8) and the fact that they get along and even enjoy each other’s company.

When not serving Dark Horse clients, Rebecca is an on-demand, short-order chef to her kids. Bit by the creative bug, she also enjoys gardening, decorating the home or endeavoring upon some larger home project. When her husband tells her to stop spending money on the aforementioned, she is quick to reply that, “I’m investing, not spending.” In the words of her newly adopted nomenclature, these are capital expenditure on the balance sheet, not expenses on the P&L. Inside this well-maintained home, she loves to host family and friends for dinner, where the menu is often more savory than sweet. She loves to see them enjoy the food and the relaxation. And finally, she loves all things games, both indoors and out and hopes to resume attending baseball games across the country again soon.