Riana Linsky

Senior Manager

Don't count the days. Make the days count. - Muhammad Ali

Sometimes you discover your calling in life far from home. For Riana, that calling was accounting, and that place was Eugene, Oregon. Riana grew up in Phoenix and, like many folks at that age, felt the calling to leave home and explore. A year in LA, 6 months in Atlanta, and then…Eugene. Maybe because the rain forces you to find indoor interests, Riana discovered her interest in (and eventual love for) accounting. Thus, Riana got her degree in Accounting from the University of Oregon. After a 16-year stint in the Beaver State (don’t tell that to an Oregon Ducks fan), she decided the state she left wasn’t so bad after all and the dry heat made her feel a lot better than the gloomy cold of the Pacific Northwest.

The Accounting Equation is Assets = Liabilities + Equity. Not many folks get excited about that, but Riana does. Even fewer would express love for an equation, but Riana does. The equation represents a form of order and structure absent in much of the world. Her accounting career has led her to firms small and large, each of which left her desiring to start a firm of her own. When she found Dark Horse, she knew her new accounting equation would be Riana + Her Own Practice = Dark Horse CPAs.

Riana loves helping small business owners dial in their financial forecasting to make strategic business decisions and deploy tax saving maneuvers to increase their global bottom line. She’s also passionate about sustainability and the triple bottom line. Riana’s bottom line is that she loves her work. Outside of work, she loves seeing as much live music as she can, chasing waterfalls (sorry, TLC), and spending time with her family: her partner, Robert, her cat and dog, Spike and Lea, respectively.