Sarah Schiewe

Senior Manager

Life is like accounting; everything must be balanced. - Unknown
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Sarah Schiewe has been an accountant since the age of eight. And no, this wasn’t forced child labor, but rather a natural inclination and interest that started with tracking her allowance, which turned into reading personal finance books which turned into an accounting degree, a CPA license and a fulfilling career.

The aspect of her career she finds most fulfilling is working with small business owners to help them understand their finances, their taxes and their businesses performance and then empowering them to use that knowledge to make more money and keep more of it from Uncle Sam. Seeing these business owners go from a state of fear and overwhelm to one of confident sophistication is what makes her day.

When she’s not balancing the books, you might find her referencing a cookbook (not to be confused with “cooking the books”) while fixin’ up something tasty. Or, you might find her on a hike with the hubby and their dog (an 8-year old Borador) in-tow, dutifully herding squirrels along the way.