Teddy Mizerak


If you do the work you get rewarded, there are not shortcuts in life. - The GOAT, Michael Jordan
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If asked what adjectives you might associate with an accountant, funny ranks at the bottom of the list. Let’s be honest, it’s not even on the list. Teddy Mizerak, however, likes to laugh and is great at making others laugh. He’s not gonna be your jester, but he’ll at least make you smile.

But seriously, he’s got experience that ranges from the Big 4 to a large regional accounting firm to the head of a corporate tax department across industries that include everything from manufacturing to real estate to health care to farming to transportation and hospitality. Many different clients has he served but they all get his timely responsiveness, a partner they can trust and one of those aforementioned laughs.

Teddy made his way to the University of Louisville by way of his hometown, Fort Lauderdale. Whereas some men of that age might attempt to win over a woman with displays of bravado, he displayed his evolved sensibilities by throwing down some impressive tax code knowledge in one of his tax courses, catching the attention of his soon-to-be-bride, Britney. A decade or so later, there is now a Teddy Jr. (well, actually, he’s the fourth installment of the Theodore Mizerak lineage), a dog and a happily married couple.

Outside of his professional endeavors, Teddy enjoys playing with his son, long walks and hikes with the family, sweating it out on the Peloton, golfing, dining out, and watching college football and basketball.