Tim Birky


Where you invest your love, you invest your life - Mumford and Sons

After spending 36 years in the insurance industry, a move to an accounting firm is, well, unexpected. An explanation might be that he is the father of co-founder, Chase Birky. A closer examination, however, reveals an untapped interest in accounting & tax. Back in the mid-90’s he successfully represented himself in an IRS audit that resulted in a, “no-change,” (which is accountant-speak for a win!). Most people struggle to DIY their own tax return, much less their own audit. Also, he was one of the early adopters of Quicken, where he managed the family’s finances like the CFO of a Fortune 500 company. It is rumored that he never upgraded Quicken as new versions were released because it wasn’t in his budget created on the aforementioned software.

Tim is a PROUD (and we mean this is in the most literal sense of the word) graduate of Greenville University and Eureka High School in Illinois. Tim currently holds the Illinois state record for steals in a basketball game, although his son suspects they may have just been playing another school’s third-period physical education class. He met his wife, Polly (formerly Polly Paulson and, no, we’re not kidding), at Greenville U. After college, they moved to Bloomington, Illinois to both work for a little known insurance company named, “State Farm,” where Tim obtained his CLU and CPCU designations. They had 3 kids: Chelsea, Chase and Chandler (once again, not kidding…and a cat named “Cheddar”) who they raised in the Pacific Northwest after being promoted to a position that ultimately landed them in Olympia, WA where they live today.

These days, when not pouring over a set of financial statements for Dark Horse clients, Tim can be found gardening, golfing, watching sports, cooking, playing Scrabble with Polly, and reading books (especially those of a historical/biographical nature), often in that exact order on any given day.