Tony Ennenga

Senior Manager

A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others - Ayn Rand

For Tony Ennenga, joining Dark Horse is a homecoming of sorts. Unlike most, Tony began his career as a solo practitioner instead of becoming one after working for an accounting firm. He later joined a regional firm that provided invaluable accounting and tax experience across a host of industries, including agribusiness, construction, entertainment, professional services, oil & gas, real estate, non-profits and software and technology…just to name a few. These businesses ranged from revenues of below $1M to $300M.

Tony’s homecoming, thus, is returning to his roots of starting his own practice. This time, he’s doing it alongside other Dark Horse CPAs.

Tony grew up in Minnesota, earned his bachelors at Montana State University and his MBA from the University of Wisconsin. He’s currently finishing up his studies for yet another master’s degree, this time in taxation, at the University of Minnesota which could be considered a homecoming of its’ own although he now resides in Montana.

Tony loves dogs, architecture, and Star Trek.  While out for a walk (with coffee in-hand), you’ll likely find Tony looking at old buildings while stopping to pet every dog along the way.  Sorry, runners with dogs…get ready for an all-stop to greet your dog!  Tony’s favorite captain is Kathryn Janeway, (Captain of USS Voyager) and welcomes the opportunity to discuss the merits of the other Star Trek captains.  His favorite Janeway quote is, “There is coffee in that nebula,” from Episode Six, “The Cloud.”