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Wendy Holloway

Senior Manager
Jasper, GA
Years of Experience
We know that God works all things together for good for the ones who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose.
Romans 8:28

Smilin' at everybody she sees... everyone knows it's Wendy. While a borrowed lyric from The Association that is actually about wind ("Windy"), such a statement could not be more true about our own Wendy Holloway. Hers is a smile rooted in her faith and displayed in her life's many loves, including t

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At Dark Horse CPAs, we offer customized financial reporting and winning tax strategies at competitive pricing. From bookkeeping to tax preparation and fractional CFO services, your dedicated CPA can handle it so you can focus on growing what matters to you most. We’re proud to serve Atlanta, Georgia.

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Wendy Holloway, Senior Manager
When I tell someone about Dark Horse, I tell them that we are the Unicorns of the CPA world. Why? Because we are a firm made up of accountants who love to serve people. Most CPAs do not love people...but we do. I came to Dark Horse because I wanted to work in an environment where my clients and my colleagues were my friends and family. Dark Horse has wonderful CPAs all over the country that want personal relationships with their clients. You will notice the difference the very first time you talk with me. Whether you need accounting, bookkeeping, tax work or fractional CFO work, you aren't just working with a group of experts, you are working with family.
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Accounting Solutions for Businesses.

The Problem: Business owners aren't getting timely, accurate and actionable data from their financials. Even worse, they're not receiving tax planning advice from their, "tax pro," which is costing them untold amounts of money. This is just plain wrong. We believe you deserve a better small business accounting firm.

Solutions for Businesses
Wendy Holloway, Senior Manager
At Dark Horse we believe that all businesses deserve insightful, timely and accurate accounting. Whether you have one employee or thousands of employees, we think you deserve solutions and advisory that is not only accurate but also timely. We understand that a connection with your CPA can be a powerful competitive advantage.
Wendy Holloway, Senior Manager
I don't believe anyone should see their tax professional only once a year. At Dark Horse, tax planning is at the core of my relationship with my tax clients. Whether we are reviewing one's personal situation on a quarterly basis or on an annual basis, I review each of my clients individually to ensure that they are headed in the right direction to meet their financial goals. I take the time to ensure that they understand their tax return and I educate them throughout the year on all types of financial issues that may be affecting their current or prospective future. I am here for you. I am on your side. If you don't understand it, I will explain it. THAT'S what Dark Horse is.

Tax Services for People.

The Problem: taxpayers are not getting the service they deserve from their CPA. Most CPA firms rush through their clients' tax returns, do not properly explain the return, provide no recommendations on how to reduce their taxes and are generally unavailable or unhelpful outside of tax season.

Tax Solutions for People
Bo S.
Personal / Individual
This was a seamless process which I appreciate. I was fully informed throughout the process. The firms process utilizing technology was great, because I could review everything online in comfort of my home. Wendy Holloway was excellent and guided me through the process effortlessly. Top notch operation.

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