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James Larsen

Phoenix, AZ
Years of Experience
You never achieve success unless you like what you are doing.
Dale Carnegie

James Larsen knew he wanted to be a Dark Horse CPA. Timing, however, isn't always straightforward or even predictable. But the thing about timing is that when the time is right, you know fact, you can feel it. Such is the case for James, and such is the time at the writing of this bio entry.

First Class Service from Your Orange County CPA

At Dark Horse CPAs, we offer customized financial reporting and winning tax strategies at competitive pricing. From bookkeeping to tax preparation and fractional CFO services, your dedicated CPA can handle it so you can focus on growing what matters to you most. We’re proud to serve Orange County in the heart of Southern California.

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James Larsen, Principal
Dark Horse was what I was looking for my whole career. A firm that's aligned horizontally rather than the vertical, top-down approach of traditional CPA firms where the ones at the top "know what's best for all of us." With Dark Horse, we all have an equal say in which direction we want to go. This lends itself to what's best for the client and that's what we as CPAs strive for...helping our clients in every way we can and providing value to be a trusted partner forever.
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Accounting Solutions for Businesses.

The Problem: Business owners aren't getting timely, accurate and actionable data from their financials. Even worse, they're not receiving tax planning advice from their, "tax pro," which is costing them untold amounts of money. This is just plain wrong. We believe you deserve a better small business accounting firm.

Solutions for Businesses
James Larsen, Principal
"Knowing is half the battle." Businesses that try to make decisions without knowing where they're at and where they're headed financially often end up failing or underachieving. With professional accounting services, our clients always know where they stand. Not only do they have current financial metrics but a trusted advisor to explain what it all means.
James Larsen, Principal
I hear from new clients all the time that their previous tax accountant just did their tax return. Just doing a tax return is a commodity. What sets me apart is delivering more than just a commodity but value-added services like strategic tax planning. I want to help you pay the least amount of taxes as legally possible by advising you on what you can do to save. I'm available all year, not just tax season, to provide sound tax planning advice that's tailored to your specific situation.

Tax Services for People.

The Problem: taxpayers are not getting the service they deserve from their CPA. Most CPA firms rush through their clients' tax returns, do not properly explain the return, provide no recommendations on how to reduce their taxes and are generally unavailable or unhelpful outside of tax season.

Tax Solutions for People
Christa S.
Personal / Individual
James has been taking care of my taxes for years and I am highly satisfied with his services.

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