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A Better Way to CPA

Dark Horse is democratizing and modernizing the traditional CPA partnership model. Our accountants live better lives, make more money, and provide a higher level of service to their clients. There’s a better way to be a CPA and it starts by becoming a Dark Horse.

“Hold Up.

Why Should I Work With You?”

Simply put, you’ll build your book of business faster and smarter than you will anywhere else. You’ll have proprietary technology and flexible staffing at your fingertips to get the work done efficiently. You’ll be surrounded by a supportive team that can help you take on any engagement thrown your way. And you’ll have the autonomy to run your book as you see fit, profiting from it as you go.


The plan is for you to build a 6-figure book of business from scratch in 6 months by utilizing our proven sales training among an endless stream of inbound service inquiries. Or if you already have a book of business, we’ll help you grow it further. Then you’ll have the opportunity to become an equity Principal of the firm where you’ll run your own book of business on your terms and reap the majority of the profits.

👀 How Do I Join?

To join the party, you’ll need to get past the bouncer. She’s gonna require that you have your CPA license (or are in the process of testing for it), are currently at a manager or senior manager position at a CPA firm (if you want to join as a Principal Accelerator), or are a sole practitioner with a book of business (if you want to join as a Principal).

For further indoctrination, watch this video.

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