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CPA for Expats

Traveling the world, working remotely in exotic locations, living temporarily in another country—it’s all very exciting. Until it comes tax time and you realize you’re still obligated to file a U.S. tax return. No worries, though. Your Dark Horse CPA has your back.

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No-Hassle Tax Returns for Expats & Inpats

There are many reasons individuals seek out a CPA to help them prepare and file their taxes. Regardless of what gives you angst, we can help.

Step One

Complete our easy-to-use tax organizer from anywhere in the world

Step two

We’ll ensure you claim every available deduction, exemption and credit

Step three

We’ll file your U.S. tax returns and ensure you’re filed correctly in the foreign country

Comprehensive Foreign Tax Services

International Tax Services for Expats

Americans & Green Card Holders Living Abroad

With your Dark Horse CPA’s guidance, you’ll comply with U.S. tax regulations while reducing your global tax obligation.

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Our Expertise
  • Permanent establishment
  • Eliminate double taxation for Expats
  • Utilize tax treaties for businesses and individuals
  • Payroll contributions
  • Employee benefits and social security
  • Tax residency advisory and resolution
  • Tax return compliance
  • Individuals with Golden Visas (tax reporting and planning)
  • Foreign military assignments and foreign work assignments
  • Streamlined filings for late or delinquent tax returns
International Tax Services for Inpats

Foreign Nationals Working in the U.S.

Working outside your home country in the U.S. has its challenges, one of which is navigating our complicated tax code. Your Dark Horse CPA is here to take this burden off your plate.

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Our Expertise
  • Foreign partners investing in a U.S. business
  • Foreign companies doing business in the U.S.
  • Foreign immigrant visa tax reporting
  • Foreign non-immigrant visa tax reporting
  • Non-resident income tax return compliance
  • ITIN applications
  • Individuals with Golden Visas (tax reporting and planning)
  • Foreign military assignments and foreign work assignments
  • Streamlined filings for late or delinquent tax returns
International Investments

Holdings Outside Your Home Country

We work with businesses that have foreign operations and people who have international investments to ensure they make the right filings in a tax-efficient manner.

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Our Expertise
  • Foreign subsidiaries
  • Financial assets
  • Real estate investments
  • Cross-border transactions
  • PFIC
  • Sub F
  • Foreign Passive Income
  • U.S. Companies: Outbound

    We provide tax planning and compliance services to businesses with foreign operations and investments. If you’re a U.S. company expanding internationally, we can help your business with the U.S. tax filing obligations and guide you with cross-border transactions to ensure you’re prepared for the various tax complexities.

  • Foreign Companies: Inbound

    Foreign companies expanding into the U.S. should be aware of the different entity types so they can choose the one that best meets their business needs and is the most tax efficient. We offer tax advisory and compliance services to foreign-based companies to simplify your entry to the U.S. market, new entity registration, tax compliance, cross-border transactions, etc.

Your Foreign Tax Expert

Stella Sanchez

St. Louis, MO
Years of Experience
You cannot predict the future, but you can create it!
Peter Drucker

Like other Dark Horse CPAs, Stella started her career at a Big 4 accounting firm. However, that she’d find herself a Dark Horse CPA may not have been as predictable. Stella was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. As she was just about to complete a degree in political science (literally in her final se

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Net Promoter Score

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Net Promoter Score

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5-Star Reviews

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5-Star Reviews

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Retention Rate

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Lisa R.
Suzi Drennen is the most knowledgeable, conscientious, and responsive CPA I have ever known—which is why I’ve stayed with her for more than 10 years. She is honest, has always gotten back to me quickly even at the height of tax season, and has saved me thousands of dollars over the years. The icing on the cake is that Suzi’s easy to work with and on top of that, a great person! She and her firm are tops!

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