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Erik Hegstad

Fort Collins, CO
Years of Experience
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Family, community and sports are the Big Three for Erik Hegstad. Oh, and I suppose there's also the accounting & tax piece. Erik brings to Dark Horse 10 years of experience as a CPA serving small businesses and individuals locally and nationwide. Unlike many accountants, he really enjoys the relatio

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When you need a relational, strategic, and forward-thinking accounting firm in Fort Collins, work with Dark Horse CPAs. Your small business deserves timely and actionable data from your books. That’s why Dark Horse CPAs are flipping the script on what a top accounting firm looks like. Give less of your money to the TaxMan and receive more hands-on services than your traditional accounting firm.

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Erik Hegstad, Principal
Dark Horse is just a cool company, which is not something you can say about a lot of accounting firms. When I first met Chase and Max, I was astonished by how well they could articulate the pain points of our industry, and how they created a company that alleviated the frustration many CPAs face. What they have built is an environment that allows every CPA, including myself, to produce their BEST work for their clients.
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Accounting Solutions for Businesses.

The Problem: Business owners aren't getting timely, accurate and actionable data from their financials. Even worse, they're not receiving tax planning advice from their, "tax pro," which is costing them untold amounts of money. This is just plain wrong. We believe you deserve a better small business accounting firm.

Solutions for Businesses
Erik Hegstad, Principal
I have been in the industry for a long time and I can confidently say that many firms simply do not service small businesses, or at least serve them well. This ended with great clients turning to no-so-great resources to help them in their tax and bookkeeping needs. The reality is EVERY business needs a capable CPA as a strategic growth partner in their success. I look at each business equally, maximizing my impact at every step and creating a relationship that lasts a lifetime.
Erik Hegstad, Principal
The #1 complaint I hear from new clients that come to me is, "I can't get a hold of my CPA." Although I understand everyone is busy, a CPA's job is to support their clients. That support is unpredicable, comes up throughout the year, and needs to be answered in real-time. That is what I provide, real-time access to your CPA as needed.

Tax Services for People.

The Problem: taxpayers are not getting the service they deserve from their CPA. Most CPA firms rush through their clients' tax returns, do not properly explain the return, provide no recommendations on how to reduce their taxes and are generally unavailable or unhelpful outside of tax season.

Tax Solutions for People
Clifton S.
I worked with Erik H. from Dark Horse and he was fantastic! He was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions with the utmost patience. Even being in a different state, he made the tax process easy and seamless - Erik was very responsive and made sure he was available to get me squared away. I would definitely recommend Dark Horse services to anyone needing tax assistance.

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