September 7, 2018

IRS Phone Scam: How to know for sure

Have you recently received a phone call from someone claiming to represent the IRS demanding payment for back taxes, tax fraud or any other tax related issue? Are they threatening legal action if you don’t arrange payment promptly? If you answered yes to these questions, the caller is most certainly not an IRS employee/agent. This scam has proliferated all demographics for years, but is highly concentrated among senior citizens. All American taxpayers should know:

  • The IRS will NEVER initiate contact via telephone without first mailing you a bill or other correspondence prior.
  • They will NEVER demand immediate payment
  • They will NEVER require you to pay a tax balance via prepaid debit cards
  • They will NEVER ask for debit or credit card numbers
  • They will NEVER threaten to have the police arrest you for not paying

Having said the above, we know that these calls can ignite fear in the recipient, regardless of how level-headed and rational they might be. If you need a second opinion to put your mind to rest, please reach out to us and we’d be happy to provide our opinion, free of charge. IRS Phone Scam: How to know for sure

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