Scot Goldring

Senior Manager

Most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in ten years. - Bill Gates
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Success in life (and business) is about pivoting at the right time, in the right direction. Understanding that life is not static and what works today may not work tomorrow has informed how Scot has advised his business clients, as well as a mid-career pivot of his own from computer network storage to becoming a CPA. Not to say these pivots are easy; they are often anything but. Inspired to make the change by the example of his father who had been a CPA with his own practice, Scot spent these years learning the ins-and-outs of all things accounting and tax. As he began to deploy this knowledge by advising small business clients, he realized he had made the right move at the right time.

Asked about his love for his work, Scot mentioned, “I get great satisfaction when helping a small business client and he/she becomes a better, smarter business owner and significantly improves their personal financial situation, through increasing profits, accumulating equity and paying down debt.” Scot is all about helping his small business clients connect the dots of increasing profitability, decreasing taxes, and implementing a plan to use that that extra cash to create a more solid financial foundation to set them up for the future.

Scot’s latest pivot in life has brought him to Dark Horse where he plans to take his career and his clients to new heights.

On the personal side, Scot is married to his wife, Robin, whom he met while earning his MBA. They’ve spent the last 2 decades raising two daughters, Lindsay and Alli who are now away at college, making Scot, Robin and their two mini poodle mixes (Izzy and Georgi) empty nesters. So, Scot keeps himself busy outside of work by running, going to the gym, and playing pickleball. This is also his penance which allows him to eat desserts and drink beer as he pleases. He loves watching the NFL and NBA on tv, despite his doubts as to whether his Jets or Knicks will ever win again. Scot also loves his annual beach trips with family where they all take the time to sit and talk, the dogs get to chase birds on the beach, and he gets a few hours of quiet to read his latest Sci Fi or murder mystery book.